Sump Pump Systems

sump pump st louis moThe sump pump is at the heart of any basement waterproofing system. Sump pumps remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit when the water enters via the perimeter drains of the basement waterproofing system.  They are your last defense against flooding.

Sump pumps require maintenance. Pumps will fail eventually. Keeping the sump pit clear of dirt, gravel, sand, and debris will lengthen your pump's life.

Some contractors will tell you their sump pump has a lifetime warranty--be careful! Pumps will fail, so the only way you'll know it's time for your "lifetime warranty" replacement will be when your basement is flooded.

Many homeowners spend a great deal of money on the proper drainage system, and then try to take shortcuts when it comes to choosing a pump. It just doesn’t make sense! Don’t let an inferior “handyman-center” pump ruin your investment. Protect your home and belongings with a high-quality sump pump system.

Sump pumps will stop running when there's a power outage causing ALL electrical pumps to fail. That's why we recommend a battery operated backup system to anyone who has a storm water (submersible) sump pump.

Are You Protected When:

Pump Failure? - Circuit Trips? -  Power Outage? -  Pump Gets Unplugged?

sump pump liner waterproofersEven the smallest amount of water infiltration can become a larger problem down the road if not handled properly from the beginning.

It is important to remember that the pump is the heart of the system, and just like the old saying "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link", a drainage system is only as strong as the pump!

The Fast Sump liner houses a reliable Pro Series pump. The Pro Series pump carries a three-year warranty and it together with the Fast Sump liner is designed in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double switch that makes sure it turns on when it's supposed to assures its dependability.

Traditional sump pump liners can remove sediment from under the basement footing causing the foundation to weaken.  The Fast Sump reduces clogging and increases water flow and the built-in pump stand keeps debris away from pump and aids in cleaning.

Fast Sumps can be linked together to add an additional back up sump pumping system. The virtually airtight cover reduces ground humidity from entering basement.

AC Primary Pump Features

sump pump replacement service st louisStainless steel cast iron
Energy efficient (less than 50% electricity used compared to other leading pumps)
Upper and lower ball bearing (perfectly balanced shaft and impeller)
Removable strainer
Dual float controller (For extra reliability)
Continuous duty construction
Alarm system hook-up (connect to home security system)
Alarm alerts home owner of switch and/or pump problems
Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The PHCC Pro Series AC pumps are rated for continuous duty, which means they are built to run continuously 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They're strong and dependable, and when they are used intermittently in a sump application, it extends the life of the pump.


Pro Series 2400 Battery Back Up System

backup sump pump st louisPumps up to 2400 GPH at 10 ft head 13 amp fast recovery charger
Pumps on AC power as well as DC battery power
Dual float switch for extra reliability

Advanced alarm system

Alerts you when batteries need replacing
Provides an easy test switch
Tells you when AC power to the unit is out (circuit breaker blown or unit unplugged)
Alerts you when pump is clogged or broken and needs to be cleaned or replaced
Pumps automatically when water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump
Pumps up to 7.5 continuous hours on a single battery
Efficient 12-volt pump puts less drain on the batteries so they can pump longer
Batteries can be linked for longer pump ability (Two battery system equals up to 33,000 gallons)
User Friendly - Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, and pinpoints problems and solutions on the control panel
3-year Manufacturer's Warranty on pump, 1-year warranty on batteries


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