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Lake Ozark Seawall Repair Anchoring, seawall repair, anchoring, company, contractor, lake, ozarksFailing seawalls can be a problem with lakefront property owners.  The structure will continue to fail if not addressed properly.  The good news is we have a solution to solve seawall issues in Missouri.

Common issues with seawalls or retaining walls at Lake St. Louis and Lake of the Ozarks are that they:

Many of these issues are a result of construction practices (lack of reinforcement) or not built deep enough into the soil.  Bad Missouri soil also plays a part exerting pressure against seawalls forcing them outward.

Marina managers and property owners at Missouri lakefronts could only replace the seawall in the past.  At Lake Saint Louis or Lake of the Ozarks, patented anchoring systems for seawalls by Ram Jack are the affordable solution for seawall repair, avoiding the high cost of seawall replacement.

Lake Saint Louis Seawall Repair MO, foundation repair, foundation solutionsUsing the same technology used to anchor basement walls and commercial structures, the seawall anchor is installed past the bad soil into good bearing layers of soil and rock to lock your seawall in place.  The system in environmentally-friendly and can be installed in limited locations.

Ram Jack Seawall Solutions offers a patent pending method of repair for concrete, steel, wood and vinyl seawalls. 

The system returns leaning seawalls to their original position.  The Ram Jack Seawall Solutions can permanently stabilize these seawalls.

If you have a seawall problem at Lake of the Ozarks, Lake St. Louis, or any other lakefront in Missouri, call today for a free estimate.

Retain the value of your lake property and go back to enjoying your time at the lake.

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