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Clogged French Drain St. Louis MO, french drains, basement, foundation, waterproofing St. Louis, foundation repair, foundation solutions, foundation problemsFrench drains make sense in some cases in dealing with exterior yard drainage issues around the St. Louis area.  French drains, however, have a limited life span. They are filtered by gravel that surrounds the French drain.

Mud and sediment can build up in the gravel and then begin to clog the French drain. Once clogged, water builds up and the hydrostatic pressure will find it's way into your home if there isn't a backup plan.

Water can build up in the masonry and dissolve elements such as calcium, lime, and other minerals out of your cement, weakening the concrete.

Once blocked, French drains no longer drain properly, water seeps up through cracks and the seams in the floor. Pools of water can form at the low points of the floor.  Water that accumulates around the foundation because of French drain failure creates pressure on basement walls, which can crack or buckle.

french drains exterior drainage system eastern missouri stlWhen A French Drain Is A Good Solution:


We install French drains where they make sense. We may recommend a French drain and interior waterproofing system also to ensure you keep your basement dry all the time and to solve erosion issues from surface water. If a large amount of water is a problem outside, it may be coming over the top of the foundation.


We can help assist you in determining what is the right solution for your situation.  Give us a call today.

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